New house - Pest Control in Wilmington, NC

Those unfamiliar with pest control terminology may not know what a vapor barrier is. We can help you decide whether this type of pest control solution might be something you need.

How They Work

There really isn't much mystery about the materials that are used as barriers. They're usually a foil or a plastic sheeting, materials most people with contracting or home repair experience have seen before. The tricky part is how these films are used. It takes special training to know how to use them in order to prevent vital areas from becoming waterlogged and pest-ridden.

Why It Helps

Water isn't a pest in and of itself, although it can cause a lot of damage. That means that vapor barriers are more than just infestation prevention, they are a way to control warping and mold growth. Our vapor barrier can stop serious problems before they occur.

As far as pests are concerned, unwanted visitors such as termites need a moist environment in order to make your home into food. A vapor barrier prevents water from getting in and softening up your building materials for the insects.

If you're still unsure about whether or not vapor barrier installation can help, contact our experts at Canady & Son Exterminating. Reaching out for some personalized advice from the experts is a great first step toward preventing pest problems.